Friday, May 18, 2007

for a friend

While going thru life some of us think we have it all figured out. We do our daily task, some go to work some go to school some even stay at home, all of us are different. Yet, we are all the same. We are all people, we live, we breath, we sleep. Some of us started blogging because we wanted to try and make money online. We may have read a book or a post on some else's blog that gave us the idea. Some of us started blogging to let out our everyday frustrations. Some of us have no idea why or what we are doing sometimes. I started blogging because I was taking a writing class and someone told me to please bang my wife. And I thought it would be a good way for me to express myself about different things in life. The more I would read about it the more I enjoyed doing it.

I have met a lot of people on here. Some have gave me words of encouragement when I was feeling down. Some have showed me ways of doing things that I never would have thought of before. I have seen photo's of people and their families. Seen video's that will make you laugh for hours. But most importantly I have made a lot of friends. One friend I have met is really feeling down right now. She is beating herself up about things that she really has no control over. And she really wants to do what is right for her. One good thing that she has going for her is she believes in God. And he can lead her in the right direction. But I am a person that believes that God can work thru other people. I believe God gives us the strength to reach out and be there for them. I am not going to tell you who this person is. Everyone that reads this might be a member of the ACLU. I really do not care. But I do want everyone that reads this that does believe in God, to leave her a message, and tell her that they are praying for her also.